Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Honda Civic Tour

Last Year the Honda Civic tour hosted many epic performances by Paramore and New Found Glory. This year the Honda Civic Tour will be featuring Blink-182 along side My Chemical Romance! This will be Blink-182's second Honda Civic Tour as they were the ones to headline the first Honda Civic Tour back in 2001. This is a must go concert.

Blink-182 is an epic band that is currently recording 
their sixth studio album. They consist of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker. They have and always will produce epic performances that wont upset!

My Chemical Romance has previously been touring clubs for the first time supporting their fourth studio album Danger Days. Now they are back on the big stage and will produce a performance that will simply blow you away.

Here's a link to the tour dates so you can see if the Honda Civic Tour will be stopping in your town.

 Also here's some footage from last years Honda Civic Tour!


  1. blink 182 was my favorite band back in the days..

    btw like your blog

  2. Finally they're producing a new album!! Like no doubt, they havent done shit since like 2003?

  3. @ Dejch, thanks

    @MacTuffy, yes definitely, they show be playing some of their new songs at the Honda civic tour

  4. Got a friend who loves these bands. An aunt as well....which is weird.